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Santa’s Workshop: Fun collaborative open workspace or despicable exploitative sweatshop?  

It also looks like Santa was a trailblazing human cloning expert.

Santa seems to have invented the GIF as a workflow. These GIFs come from the classic 1932 Disney movie “Santa’s Workshop” by Wilfred Jackson - essentially 6 solid minutes of GIFs.


Cloned Robot Army Storms Istanbul with Flashlights

Istanbul-based artist Erdal Inci clones sections of video creating an endless array of cloned avatars that appear to flood through the city streets.


Piano Works 13

Pianoworks 13 is a short movie, which combines live action and motion design. Over an original soundtrack played by Polerik Rouviere, four dancers perform different styles (break dance, new style, popping). The film illustrates the link between body, instrument and instrumentalist. The moves give birth to a sort of calligraphic language which is a representation of the moves themselves.


FLUIDIC - Sculpture in Motion

A seemingly floating point cloud above a water pond and consisting of 12,000 translucent spheres marks the heart of the installation. Due to a complex computer algorithm the spheres are arranged seemingly random within the cloud. At the same time the algorithm observes the positions and projection angles of eight high-speed laser projectors that are being arranged around the artwork. They are sending out beams scanning through the arrangement of the cloud. Generating bright and dim light points, this creates a highly organic and natural distribution of voxels (3D pixels).


Columbia GSAPP student Eirini Anthouli’s studio work


The Hidden Motion of a Research Paper 

Timothy Weninger stitched together a time-lapse animation of his writing process to produce an animation that revealed the ebb and flow of his research paper.


A Tweetbot that Generates Architecture From Your Tweets

The creative tweetbot @Tweet2form designed by Andrew Heumann transforms a cube according to a series of operations you tweet at it, and then tweets a picture of the resulting form. There are currently 10 formal operations that the bot understands:


Zodiacal Lights Moving Across the Night Sky

Capturing the motion of stars across the night sky by assembling hundreds of individual photographs, Stephane Vetter exposes the hidden rotation of our planet. 

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