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The Hidden Motion of a Research Paper 

Timothy Weninger stitched together a time-lapse animation of his writing process to produce an animation that revealed the ebb and flow of his research paper.


A Tweetbot that Generates Architecture From Your Tweets

The creative tweetbot @Tweet2form designed by Andrew Heumann transforms a cube according to a series of operations you tweet at it, and then tweets a picture of the resulting form. There are currently 10 formal operations that the bot understands:


Zodiacal Lights Moving Across the Night Sky

Capturing the motion of stars across the night sky by assembling hundreds of individual photographs, Stephane Vetter exposes the hidden rotation of our planet. 


Does Using Tumblr Make You a Tumblr Person?

Peter Vidani, Michael Rock, Mark Wigley and other designers take part in a round-table-turn-table at the Audi Forum in New York to discuss the implications of choreographing users and how invisible design should and can be. More Videos Here


Form, Texture and Movement

A series of sculptures by Kohei Nawa represent the relationship between the human body, texture and implied movement. The artist used 3D modeling software to remap the surface of human forms. With each sculpture, Nawa reinvents a new way to see the body.

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Home in Motion

The Dynamic D*Haus folds and shifts into configurations developed using advance geometry and mathematics.

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NYC MTA Catalogue of Used and Abandoned Spaces

The importance of the subway system in New York City cannot be underestimated. This study compares the amount of space in the entire subway system with spaces that are either inaccessible or abandoned - a complex system of spaces and possibilities. Timothy Bell exhibited this project along with architectural renderings along this September as part of the exhibition “Experiments in Motion”. Every project in the exhibition started with the question - what could these transportation space be used for in the future?


Flying Houses

The sky is literally the limit for Parisian photographer Laurent Chéhère. (via)


Raindrops Inspire Aerodynamics for Future Vehicle Design

Artist Ross Lovegrove worked with Italian engineers to merge primal shapes with hightech analysis. 

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An EKG of Motion + Digital Photo Collages

An amazing slit-scan photo series by artist Jay Mark Johnson opens up a new way of viewing the moving world. (Via Design Boom)

Strikingly similar to photo collages by Robert Schlaug  that use digital editing to introduce a sense of movement into otherwise motionless moments. 

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