Under Over Out Studio Midterm at Studio X in Rio De Janiero

Proposals for the Delancey Underground (clockwise from top left). Kelsey Lents’ project, “Gang(Green),” is an underground park that will infect the city over time until the entire island become a forest again. Sissi Yang’s proposal, “Escape,” is an underground playground that connects to all the surrounding residential buildings allowing locals to share amenities. “Tourist Trap,” by Prathyusha Viddam, investigates the friction between tourists and locals in New York and what happens when roles are reversed. “Third Rail Fitness,” by Darryl Zuk, is a gym adjacent to the subway allowing hardbodies to demonstrate their physique to commuters.

For the studio’s midterm reviews the students travelled to Rio De Janeiro and presented at Studio X. Check out the some action shots below:
Juergen Mayer H. checking out Jodie Zhang and Kelsey Lents’ study models.
Esteemed jury and students engaging in lively midterm discussion.
Jodie Zhang, Kett Murphy and Kelsey Lents presenting at Studio X Rio