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This weekend (April 27-28), New Habitat will be hosting a hackathon as part of the Ideas City Festival that will present architecture as an “API” to be hacked. The hackathon will mobilize a diverse group of architects, designers, artists, engineers, and technologists by providing the designs for a proposed building in New York City to be hacked away at, into and through to new ideas for domestic living.

The vicious cycle of innovation that opensource knowledge and infrastructure and a hacker ethos has ignited in other fields has yet to adequately disrupt architecture, buildings, the environments we inhabit on a daily basis. Cities have been hacked to death, but somehow the walls of architecture have stood firm. No longer.

New Habitat is a venture to do precisely what it claims, to rethink habitats. To participate, hackers of all stripe can register on Eventbrite at new-habitat.eventbrite.com. The hackathon will occur at the NewLab space at the Brooklyn Navy Yards on April 27-28, with a public presentation the following Friday, May 3 at the Ideas City Festival, hosted by the New Museum, The Architectural League of New York, Storefront for Art and Architecture and other amazing NY-based organizations.



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